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Jackie Kidwell Scores Around Defender

Highland School Upper School Varsity Girls Lacrosse began in 2003. Prior to that, it existed as a club sport for 3 years in the Upper School. Highland has had competitive interscholastic girls Middle School lacrosse teams for many years and its players have also enjoyed great success on youth lacrosse teams. Highland also sees many of those Middle School players move on to the Upper School.

Highland girls lacrosse players routinely participate in summer university-administered lacrosse camps and lacrosse tournaments and in off-season tournaments and winter indoor leagues.

Throughout its short but highly successful history, Highland's Girls Lacrosse program has enjoyed a consistent team of coaches to guide the players and the teams. The coaches involved with the Lacrosse program represent many years of competitive lacrosse experience as high school, college and league players themselves. The program has one Head Coach and 3 Assistant Coaches. They are generalists but have offensive and defensive specialties to the table. The Coaches all remain active with continuing training within their U.S. coaching community and with the US Lacrosse organization.

The Highland Upper School team players, though many are Varsity athletes on other school and travel teams, participate in organized lacrosse conditioning and skill development as well as Fall and Summer tournaments and indoor Winter leagues, throughout the year. Even with these year-round lacrosse activities and opportunities, the players are encouraged and supported to fully participate in other sports, clubs, religious, community and social endeavors, and to fully honor all commitments to and responsibilities with their families and their academics.

The Coaches work closely with the players as a first priority on their academic responsibilities and seek assistance or other resources with the School for those student-athletes who need assistance. The Coaches work closely with the School faculty and staff to ensure the players are not only just fulfilling their academic responsibilities but are enjoying a broad educational experience. The Highland Coaches also work with the players to develop and implement individually-designed skill development or conditioning to achieve reasonable physical goals. The team or groups of the team may also from time to time attend regular season college lacrosse games and the NCAA lacrosse tournament to further develop their interests and skills. The Upper School players enjoy very good quality uniforms. If desired by a player and his parents, th Coaches will work with the player to promote and explore appropriate college lacrosse opportunities.

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